Basketball Legends Game : Play Basketball Game with legends and prove that you are also one of them. Basketball Legends online is one of the very addicting and most famous game you ever play. Basketball legends is great game for peoples who love this game but they are’t athletes. You don’t need to join the NBA to play Basketball with legends.

Just join us and start playing with famous players of this sport who are supposed to be the icons the of game(Like Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Derrick Williams). Start a quick match for quick fun or choose a tournament for more entertainment. You can also play this game alone with computer or you can try it with your friend in two player mode. Just this amazing game with full attention and unlock achievements.if you prove that you are the legends your name will be appeared at leaderboard.


  1. Cool stylized graphics that look both cartoony and accurate.
  2. Different types of moves and shots allow for developing unique strategies.
  3. Select your team from a variety of real-life players.
  4. Teams can be formed by the real players
  5. Easily access and play in the computer
Game Controls

Player One :

WASD = Move
B = Shoot/Perform action
S = Pump
V = Super-shot
D twice = Dash

Player Two :

UP, LEFT, RIGHT Arrow keys = Move
L = Shoot/Perform action
DOWN Arrow = Pump
K= Super-shot
LEFT Arrow twice = Dash